Prestwick serves the hospitality industry with tailored furnishings that coordinate with their property and its needs. We believe that hospitality is as much an experience as it is a service and that tailored furnishings can transform a space and contribute to the experience you’re working to create, day in and day out.

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Fish Creek, WI USA
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Coronado, CA USA
Multiple Locations, San Diego, CA USA
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The Hospitality Industry Experts
joel goss

Joel Goss

Director of Sales - Hospitality

Anthony Rocha

Account Manager

Jonathan Lehman

Sales Intern
Becky Mayer

Becky Mayer

Director of Sales and Marketing - Sister Bay Furniture
Jon Burmeister

Jon Burmeister

Vice President of Sales
Zero Waste TRUE Advisor
Zero Waste TRUE Advisor
Steve Syrjala

Steve Syrjala

Business Development - Commercial Furniture
Jake Steingraeber

Jake Steingraeber

Director of Market Development
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