Prestwick has been designing and manufacturing golf course furnishings for over 25 years. As the leading manufacturer in golf course furnishings, our products can be found on courses around the world, including America’s Top 100 greatest golf courses, 46 PGA tour stops, and was recently named one of the National Golf Foundation’s Top 100 Business in golf.

Featured Golf Furnishings

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Bag Drop
Let players know it’s going to be a 5-star day the moment they arrive. An immersive and seamless experience starts by setting the tone for the day.
End each round on a high note. Create an unforgettable clubhouse atmosphere.
Practice Area
Memorable rounds start here. Whether it’s in preparation for a tournament or a teaching session, players can spend countless hours getting better.
Patio & Dining
Take your clubhouse patio to new heights with Sister Bay Furniture dining, counter and bar height dining options.
Tee Area
Each hole is unique and also offers an opportunity to immerse players in your branded experience. Players need to know what to expect.
Tennis & Pool
Beyond the greens and clubhouse, ensure your players and guests immersed in a well-rounded, rejuvenating experience.

Featured Projects

DeMotte, IN USA
Lahaina, HI USA
Keswick, VA USA
Lake Geneva, WI USA
Key Largo, FL USA
Lac La Belle, WI USA
Fontana-On-Geneva Lake, WI USA
Scottsdale, AZ USA
Boynton Beach, FL USA

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