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Keswick, VA USA
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The Keswick Club and Prestwick Golf Group partnership started back in 2014 when The Keswick Club was looking to furnish their bag drop area. From there the partnership only grew. Prestwick was able to provide various areas of the club and golf course with site furnishings from range dividers to ball washers.

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Proofing allows the customer to get a 2D look as to what their product will look like and from there they then approve or disapprove of the design.

Final Results

We will let the results speak for themselves. The Keswick Club introduced various site furnishings to match the aesthetics of the club. Making sure that the goals of the club were put first.

Words from the Customer

"When you go to high end clubs and they've got Prestwick pieces around the property- you know they did their homework. The products are impeccable and the service is even better. They made our goals their top priority."
Bubba Pulley
Head Golf Professional
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