Texas Christian University

Fort Worth, TX USA
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Texas Christian University had the opportunity to implement a new bin system on campus and Prestwick was recognized as a constant fixture on successful campuses across the country. In conjunction with university leadership and campus operations, the TCU and Max-R were able to work together to create the ideal waste and recycling solution.

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Indoor Waste & Recycling Bins
Outdoor Waste & Recycling Bins

Final Results

Words from the Customer

"We needed a two-bin system that would blend in with our buildings aesthetics in an unobtrusive way, but still be easy to find when needed. The many styles and finishes also allowed us to pick an attractive combination of features that present a consistent appearance throughout our housing, academic and administrative buildings. Max-R was easy to work with, providing digital mock ups of different variations as we went through the selection process. The bins were well received by the entire campus community, and are now a key component of our recycling program."
Christopher Honkomp
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities
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