Orange County Convention Center

Orlando, FL USA
Indoor Waste & Recycling Bins



Prestwick worked closely with the Orange County Convention Center’s design team, facilities maintenance director and operations team to create a bin that would promote awareness of their off-site recycling efforts. To meet their needs, we designed a custom bin unique to the OCCC that would effectively meet both their functional needs and aesthetic requirements. With a few modifications, this design went on to become a standard Prestwick product and is now known as the Albany Collection.

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Indoor Waste & Recycling Bins

Final Results

Words from the Customer

"In 2012, The Orange County Convention Center purchased over 500 recycle/waste receptacles from Max-R. The receptacles have proven to be exceptionally durable – no dents or scratches, the color remains sharp, etc. That is quite a feat considering we host over one million attendees annually and the receptacles are in constant use. Over 1,200 recycled milk jugs went into making each of the recycle/waste receptacles in our concourse areas and over 800 recycled milk jugs were used in each of our meeting room receptacles. We appreciated the fact that the receptacles created for the OCCC were not from new materials: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. One of the core values of the Orange County Convention Center, the second largest center in the U.S., is acting in an environmentally responsible manner. Max-R truly believes in “creating a better product that leads to a better future...” and we have been very pleased with our business relationship with them. Max-R listened to our OCCC team, offered creative solutions to our needs, and have been extremely responsive."
Jan Addison
Deputy Director
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