Gonzaga University

Spokane, WA USA
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Gonzaga University enlisted Prestwick to design their campus-wide standard of waste and recycling bins. Not only did Prestwick (under its Max-R brand) deliver on the design and aesthetics, they also we able to tap into the human aspect of recycling – ensuring a newfound community of sustainability for current and future students and staff alike.

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Indoor Waste & Recycling Bins
Outdoor Waste & Recycling Bins

Final Results

Words from the Customer

"Our student driven Rethink Waste campaign was the force behind increasing waste diversion on campus. Max-R worked hand in hand with the students behind the campaign to create bins that met all of our needs, incorporated our custom graphics, and had the university logo. Our goal for the bins on campus is to not only inspire people to do the right thing, but to integrate the look and feel of Spokane’s recycling containers to promote the mind-set of recycling off campus. We’ve discovered that people want to do the right thing. It’s less about convincing them and more about giving them the tools to do it. Max-R is one of the tools. "
Jim Simon
Director of Sustainability
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