City of Oconomowoc

Oconomowoc, WI USA
Outdoor Waste & Recycling Bins



When the City of Oconomowoc wanted to revamp their waste and recycling receptacles as well as replace their message boards within their parks, they reached out to Max-R to help meet their needs. Max-R was able to design a slew of waste and recycling receptacles to meet their identity standards as well as create a cohesive look around their facilities. We also worked closely with the City of Oconomowoc to create a few new message boards to help keep their community informed while also staying within the lines of their branding.

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Outdoor Waste & Recycling Bins


Oconomowoc Max-R Waste Recycle Bin
Oconomowoc Max-R Chapman Park Sign
Oconomowoc Max-R Post Sign
Oconomowoc Max-R Beach Sign

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