Ball Arena

Denver, CO
Indoor Waste & Recycling Bins



When Kroenke Sports & Entertainment partnered with Ball Corporation as their Official and Exclusive Sustainability Partner, they announced the ambitious goal of transiting Ball Arena to aluminum beverage packaging for 100% of the venue’s concessions. To engage fans and create an efficient means of collection, Ball Arena came to Prestwick through its Max-R brand to design the venue’s new waste and recycle stations.

Ball Arena’s recycle stations check all the boxes. The gallon capacities are large enough to support high-traffic games and events without taxing their janitorial staff, waste streams were customized to ensure collection of the Arena’s aluminum recycle streams, and waste and recycle bins placed throughout the facility with quick and clear messaging help to drive compliance and ensures the organization meets its lofty sustainability goals.

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Indoor Waste & Recycling Bins

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