Customizable Commercial Waste Bins and Recycling Cans

Max-R and The Prestwick Companies are the leading manufacturer of highly customizable, cutting-edge Commercial Waste and Recycling bins. Our innovative solutions and premium products set the standard for businesses and facilities looking for unique waste cans that are sustainability built and stand up to high volume use.

Featured Waste & Recycling Products

Commercial Waste & Recycling Bins, Custom Trash Cans. Multi-Stream Waste Collection for Public and Private Businesses.

The Max-R division of Prestwick recognizes the importance of effective waste management. We build premium products designed to meet your waste and recycling needs, surpassing your expectations of how a waste bin enhances your facility. Our teams take pride in delivering products that are highly functional and visually appealing. Using HDPE recycled plastic and a team of in-house designers, our customized waste and recycling containers create an integrated waste management system that truly stands out.

Innovat·R Square Recycling Bins

Innovator Custom Waste Bin for outdoor spaces including parks, universities and stadiums

The InnovatR series by The Prestwick Group and Max-R is the most customizable, versatile waste and recycling bin in the market. Utilizing post & panel construction across 5 distinct lines, these bins are precisely tailored to meet diverse disposal needs, marking a revolution in waste management. Prestwick offers a versatile solution that transforms how waste is handled, providing efficiency and adaptability to various environments. Built with premium HDPE plastic and designed for operational efficiency as well as evolving needs, InnovatR bins seamlessly adapt to various environments. From bustling urban centers to educational institutions and corporate spaces, Prestwick custom waste cans promote a cleaner, greener future. Prioritize efficient waste management, promote your brand and your sustainability initiatives. Prestwick coordinated waste bins and furnishings are built to last and customized to you.

Inspire Premium Waste & Recycling Solutions

Inspire Premium Indoor Waste Bin for offices, cafeterias, workspaces and food courts

Inspire waste bins are the gold standard when it comes to innovative and sustainable waste management solutions. Intelligently crafted trash bins that perfectly match your aesthetic. We build our products with a variety of designer materials, including exotic hardwoods, stainless steel, curved glass, brushed aluminum, and other mixed materials. These materials allow us to infuse any space with a sleek, modern ambiance. These carefully selected materials ensure a sophisticated and contemporary feel that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the environment. Inspire bins are built to handle prolonged use while encouraging proper waste handling, instilling a sense of environmental responsibility. When it comes to centralized recycling, Inspire bins perfectly blend form and function, elevating the idea of what a customizable waste and recycling bin can be.

Infinity Round Waste Bins

City of Austin Infinity Round Bins for waste and recycling

The Infinity Bin Series features the classic round receptacle shape used by parks, campuses and entertainment venues throughout the United States. Crafted with premium, durable materials, these bins seamlessly integrate into various settings. From urban landscapes to corporate facilities and educational institutions, Infinity Bins match the environment they’re in.
This simple style offers extensive customization options, including various gallon capacities, colors, labels, restrictive openings, and lid styles. This versatility allows it to be tailored precisely to meet the specific needs of any environment or application. Minimal maintenance and the classic slatted appearance make these bins perfect for any space.

When it comes to highly customized waste recycling and composting bins, The Prestwick Group delivers with unique solutions. We specifically tailored our premium products to niche industry needs. From pizza box recyclers, e-waste, liquid disposal collection and dog waste stations, our products excel in all environments. Additionally, our Commercial Waste and Recycling Bins coordinate with other Prestwick products to create unified spaces. Let our team of designers and engineers help fabricate and manufacture speciality bins to your needs.

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