Commercial Service Stations for the Hospitality Industry

Explore our comprehensive array of service stations, emcompassing Server Stations, Busser Stations, Prep Stations, and Hostess Stations, all meticulously tailored to enhance the functionality of your restaurant or hospitality venue. Prestwick is renowned for our expertise in creating custom products that meet your operational needs.

Featured Commercial Service Stations Products

The Prestwick Group and our affiliate companies are the premier manufacturer of premium Commercial service stations used throughout the hospitality, restaurant and resort industries. We offer a range of customizable products for front of house operations. These include dining prep and table bussing, server utility stations and welcome stations that engage guests entering your establishment.
Designed with precision, our products aim to enhance both the organizational and functional aspects of your dining space or welcome area. Simultaneously, they contribute to improved staff efficiency, ensuring a seamless and streamlined operation.

Server Stations:

La Playa Commercial Outdoor Server station from Prestwick.
Commercial Outdoor Service / Service Station made from premium HDPE and customized to your specific needs

Functionality, durability and efficiency come together with our custom Server Stations. With carefully organized compartments, durable construction and custom options, Prestwick server stations allow servers to efficiently manage orders, utensils, and condiments, ensuring a smooth and timely service delivery tailored to your specific requirements.

Busser Stations:

Purpose-built Busser Stations encourage guests to participate in a clean environment while driving staff efficiency. Our customization expertise extends to these stations, providing a centralized hub to collect, clean, and reset tables swiftly. Smart storage solutions and clearly identified waste streams ensure a clean and organized dining area, enhancing overall guest satisfaction.

Prep Stations:

Efficiency starts in the kitchen, and our Prep Stations are designed to streamline your kitchen workflow. With our ability and expertise to create custom products, these stations offer a designated space for food preparation and delivery. Allow your kitchen staff to work seamlessly with personalized layouts that align with your operational preferences.

Guest Help Desks:

Commercial grade Outdoor Podiums and lecterns for Hotels, Resorts, Universities or Private Clubs
Versatile podiums and welcome stations for indoor and outdoor use. Fully customizable and branded to match your facility

Make a lasting first impression with Prestwick Guest Help Desks, where functionality meets style. Choose between mobile or fixed units, tailored to greet guests and keep staff organized. Custom hostess and welcome stations align with your brand’s image, ensuring a perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality.

We recognize the uniqueness of every establishment and create custom stations matched to your needs. From design ideation to the final product, our team is dedicated to providing solutions that align with your brand identity and operational requirements. Explore our extensive selection, and let us help you elevate your service efficiency and overall guest satisfaction with personalized solutions from Prestwick Limited.

View our Hospitality Projects page for additional products and a growing list of clients we work with, creating custom solutions for their unique needs.

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