Commercial Beverage Solutions and Hydration Stations

Prestwick offers an expansive line of Commercial Beverage Solutions and Hydration Stations customized to your aethetics and designed to deliver a 5 star guest experience. Using premium materials meant to withstand the harshest outdoor environments, Prestick refreshment products add a level of sophistication to any member space.

Featured Beverage Solutions Products

Commercial Beverage Solutions and Hydration Stations for Golf Courses, Hotels, Resorts throughout the United States.

The Prestwick Group is a leading innovator and manufacturer of customizable furnishings to house Beverage dispensers and guest hydration stations. Our commercial grade products include Beverage Consoles, Water Cooler Enclosures and Cooler Boxes used throughout the United States. Prestwick helps deliver a 5-star experience at resorts, golf courses, luxury hotels and premium destinations, We help keep guests and members properly hydrated while offering matching HDPE furnishings designed to elevate your brand and built to weather any environment.


Custom Water Cooler Enclosures for golf courses, resorts, pools & aquatic centers and parks

High quality, customized Water Cooler Enclosures and Refreshment stations not only create a practical solution for keeping thirsty visitors happy, they also add a touch of elegance and a statement of sophistication. We design products for durability as well as aesthetic appeal. We create a focal point for branding and customer engagement.


Premium Cooler Boxes and Ice Boxes are the epitome of functionality and convenience for players and guests. Keep beverages chilled and easily accessible. Self serve coolers and ice boxes are perfect for outdoor events or areas that are not conducive to additional staffing. Additionally, these free-standing units can be customized to extend brand awareness, convey important messages or create partnership opportunities.


Premium Beverage Station

Customize and create dedicated refreshment hubs with Prestwick Beverage Stations and Consoles. Offering refreshing cold drinks and hot beverages, these stylish and versatile units welcome guests and alleviate staffing. Designed to house Hoshizaki* dispensers, each unit is customizable to include beverage supplies, towels, towel returns, waste recycling collection and other guest amenities. Premium beverage stations create a centralized space for patrons to indulge.

Prestwick specializes in redefining products necessary for beverage service and hydration. We understand that every establishment is unique and it’s why we offer ideation and customization of our products. Commercial Beverage Solutions and Hydration Stations combine functionality and style creating an exceptional experience for your patrons. Discover how we help you quench your customers’ thirst in a way that reflects your brand’s identity and commitment to excellence.

*As proud partners of Hoshizaki, we offer top-of-the-line beverage equipment known for its quality and reliability. Whether it’s ice makers, dispensers, or beverage machines, our Hoshizaki offerings ensure your beverages are served at their best.

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