Our Materials

Prestwick is a leader and innovator in the use of HDPE. From our premium recycled lumber to marine-grade material, our products offer unparalleled strength and resilience, while resisting fading, mold, rotting and insect damage. Every product is precision engineered to ensure long term commercial use with minimal maintenance, meaning your sustainable site furnishings will bring value, integrity and aesthetic appeal to your property for years.

HDPE Lumber Makes Perfect Sense


HDPE offers versatile design options for any industry, indoors or outdoors, with durability and weather resistance.

Low Maintenance

Our products require no staining, painting, or sealing for maintenance, and their non-porous nature makes them easy to clean.


Prestwick products, made from recycled materials, are durable, low maintenance and fully recyclable at the end of their lifespan.


HDPE is structurally solid, resistant to warping, cracking, rot, mold, insects, and various chemicals and solvents.

Color Options

Bring your Space to Life with Branding

Bring your bins to life by adding a touch of your branding. Logos can be applied as an overlay graphic or poured resin for different effects.

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