Commercial Furniture and Furnishings for Stadiums and Arenas

The Prestwick Group is a leader in waste recycling solutions, along with commercial grade furniture, offering a harmonious blend of sustainability, functionality, and design for stadiums and arenas.

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Commercial Furniture and Furnishings for Stadiums and Arenas.

The success of the Prestwick Group, and specifically Max-R products, lies in our innovative design, catering specifically to the needs of stadiums and arenas. Building customized waste bins and premium furniture that’s not just visually appealing, but also engineered to withstand the demands of high-traffic environments.

We manufacture a diverse range of commercial furniture for stadiums and VIP spaces. Prestwick’s premium furniture include high top tables, bar height seating to casual lounging. Additionally, we offer complementary furnishings that effortlessly integrate with any venue’s design and atmosphere. These include condiment stations, guest service stations, and multi-stream waste and recycling bins. Each item allows for branding and partnership opportunities that can generate new revenue.

Prestwick condiment stations and stadium furnishings
Prestwick condiment stations and stadium furnishings

Prestwick furniture and furnishings complement the overall design and ambiance of any venue, while also enhancing the fan experience. A testament to the fusion of functionality and environmental responsibility, proving that sustainability can seamlessly integrate into the fabric of these bustling spaces.

For more information regarding our Commercial Furniture and Furnishings for Stadiums, Arenas, Ballparks and Venues as well as case studies of projects we’ve been involved with, view our Venues Project page.

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