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Elevate your commercial pool area with Prestwick Products, your go-to source for premium commercial pool furniture and innovative poolside solutions. Explore our comprehensive range of Towel Solutions, including valets, buggies, caddies, and credenzas, designed to keep your poolside organized and luxurious.

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Commercial Pool Furniture and Furnishings for hotels, resorts, waterparks and aquatic centers.

Commercial furniture for Pools, splash pads, aquatic centers, spas and resorts
Commercial Pool Furnishings including loungers, cabana furniture, towel management solutions and waste recycling units

Prestwick offers an extensive line of outdoor towel storage solutions, commercial grade poolside and outdoor furniture, mobile bars and self-serve refreshment stations as well as designer waste recycling bins to transform your pool space into a haven of comfort and sophistication. Whether you’re looking for towel valets and towel caddies made from high quality recycled plastic, versatile cabana credenzas, chaise lounge chairs, adirondack chairs, outdoor seating or premium outdoor furnishings to elevate the guest experience, Prestwick offers customized products that blend seamlessly with your pool and resort aesthetics, promoting sustainability and efficiency without sacrificing style.

Ensure your pool area is as inviting as it is functional and transform your facility into a haven of comfort and sophistication. Explore Prestwick Products today and discover the perfect poolside furnishings that cater to your unique needs and vision.

For more information regarding our Commercial Pool Furniture and Furnishings as well as projects we’ve completed, view our Hospitality Projects page.

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