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At Prestwick, we help create vibrant, sustainable and enduring green spaces with furniture and furnishings that bring value to communities throughout the U.S.

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Welcome to our dedicated page for Commercial Furniture and Waste Recycling Products tailored to parks and green spaces. The Prestwick Group believes in sustainability, durability, and making a lasting impact. We manufacture a range of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) trash bins, benches, picnic tables and signs, designed to not only harmonize with the natural beauty of parks but also built to last for generations. We build products to last in all environments, a testament to our “buy once, enjoy for a lifetime” ethos.

Our commitment to green spaces goes beyond aesthetics. We manufacturer sustainable furniture, waste and recycling bins, bike racks, signage and community message boards meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of eco-friendliness. Prestwick products are a statement of environmental stewardship.

Embrace the beauty of nature while making choices that leave a positive impact. Experience the fusion of functionality and sustainability with our commercial furniture, waste recycling products and outdoor furnishings designed to make your park or green space a place of enduring beauty and environmental responsibility.

For more information regarding our Waste Recycling Solutions and Commercial Furniture for Parks as well as case studies of communities we’ve worked with, view our Parks & Municipalities Project page.

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