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At Prestwick, we help create sophisticated, sustainable and enduring spaces for well being with furniture and furnishings that bring value to spas, gyms and health clubs.

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The success of the Prestwick Group, and our furniture and furnishing brands, lies in our innovative designs customized to match any aesthetic and durable enough to handle heavy use in any environment. We manufacture customized waste bins, beverage solutions, locker room towel management and low maintenance furniture for the health and fitness community. Our premium products are built to withstand the demands of high-traffic environments. Additionally, we design our products to be visually appealing and virtually maintenance free.

Transform your spa, gym, health club or fitness center into a center of health and wellness. Match your style and sustainability goals with Prestwick furnishings and Sister Bay Furniture. Explore all the solutions we offer to help guests and members have a memorable experience. HDPE products offer peace of mind as well as limitless customization to create an environment of relaxation and personal growth.

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