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From the first tee to the last green, the Prestwick Group builts customized golf furnishings that enhance the game and extend your brand. Exceed player expectations with premium products unique to your course.

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For over two decades the Prestwick Golf Group has been a leading innovator and manufacturer of premium golf furnishings and HDPE golf products. Our commercial grade products, including Rope Stakes and Cart Barriers, Outdoor storage boxes for Divot Mix, Sand Bottles and broken tees, premium yardage markers as well as Ipe Bunker Rakes and Flagsticks are used at exclusive courses and golf clubs throughout the world. We help make memorable rounds by offering customized, coordinated golf products that extend your brand beyond the clubhouse.

Barriers, Stakes & Markers

Incorporating Prestwick Golf Group’s products, such as Cart Barriers, Rope Stakes, and Hazard / OB Markers, elevates a golf course’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. HDPE Barriers and rope stakes ensure organized traffic flow, preserving the course’s integrity, guiding golfers along designated paths. Hazard Markers enhance safety by highlighting potential risks. Out of Bounds Markers define limits clearly, preventing disputes and fostering fair play. These products, known for quality and durability, contribute to a professional and detail-oriented golfing environment.

Course Maintenance

Improve the player experience and course upkeep by adding Sand Bottle Boxes, Broken Tee Boxes, and Divot Mix Storage boxes. Invaluable to a premium course, Sand Bottle Boxes and Racks or Divot Mix boxes facilitate efficient divot filling, promoting a well-groomed course. Broken Tee Boxes provide a tidy solution for discarded tees, ensuring a clutter-free appearance for players and members. Incorporating these additional Prestwick products not only addresses practical needs but also reinforces a commitment to aesthetics, player etiquette, and sustainable course management. It elevates the overall experience for players while promoting responsible stewardship of the course environment.

Distance and Yardage

Prestwick Yardage and Distance markers brings precision and clarity to the game. Our premium HDPE and cast metal markers serve as essential tools for golfers, offering accurate measurements for club selection and shot planning. They enhance precision and elevate the game experience on the course. Featuring durable construction requiring minimal maintenance, our markers contribute to a seamless golfing experience, allowing players to navigate the course with confidence.

No golf course can be considered complete without the inclusion of quality Flagsticks, Bunker Rakes, and essential golf accessories. Prestwick Golf Group has established itself as a specialist in crafting premium golf fixtures. With a focus on redefining custom course products for the most discerning golfers, Prestwick understands the uniqueness of each establishment. This understanding fuels our commitment to offering ideation and customization options for our products. Our Commercial Golf Course products seamlessly blend functionality and style, resulting in an exceptional experience for your players. Visit our Golf Projects Page to see how we can elevate your player experience, aligning seamlessly with your brand’s identity. We’re here to assist you in achieving your commitment to excellence.

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