Elevate your entrance experience with Prestwick Companies' comprehensive solutions for hotels, retail stores, golf courses, and more. Discover customizable podiums, valet stations, planters, benches, and waste/recycling cans, meticulously crafted to blend elegance with functionality. Transform your space and make every arrival memorable with Prestwick's Entrance Space offerings.

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Prestwick redefines the essence of hospitality and creating great first impressions with our Commercial furnishings for entrances. From guest entrances to first class lobbies exuding sophistication, our offerings cater to a diverse array of businesses and needs, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and style. Our decorative furnishings and customizable products transform lobbies, premium retail entrances, and prestigious clubs with well designed, durable amenities.


We help you design entry points at hotels and resorts where every check-in is efficient and exceeds expectations. Customizable podiums and valet stations seamlessly integrate into the environment, while creating an elevated guest experience. Prestwick outdoor waste and recycling cans work to promote cleanliness and sustainability while enhancing your brand. Outdoor planters and benches complete the 5 star experience by adding a place to sit and relax while guests unpack.


For commercial businesses, store entrances and attractions, we set the standard and image you want to convey. Beautiful planters and benches not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of your business, but also create inviting atmospheres that beckon customers to step inside. Using premium HDPE materials, each piece can be carefully curated to reflect your brand, while being durable and sustainable.


At prestigious golf courses and clubs, our Entrance Space solutions go beyond aesthetics, embodying practicality and efficiency. Customized Bag Racks and Message Centers coordinate with your facility to ensuring a seamless transition for golf enthusiasts from arrival to tee-off. Mobile Podiums are perfect for registration, while our planters, benches, spike cleaners and waste bins complete your vision while engaging players.


In educational institutions and government properties, our offerings extend into your community and campus. Indoor Outdoor podiums are versatile for lectures or welcome centers, while bike racks provide convenient and secure parking for cyclists. Our premium waste, recycling and compost bins seamlessly integrate with your surroundings while durable HDPE benches and outdoor furniture enhance any entry point.

At Prestwick Companies, we understand that the entrance sets the tone for the entire experience. With our comprehensive range of commercial furnishings and solutions for entrances, we elevate every arrival into a memorable experience. Explore our offerings today and witness the transformation of spaces into timeless reflections of sophistication and functionality.

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