Commercial grade guest furnishings for attractions, entertainment venues and amusement parks

The Prestwick Group is an industry leader providing commercial grade furniture and premium decorative furnishings to entertainment facilities throughout the United States.

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Prestwick manufacturers commercial furnishings for entertainment venues and attractions that elevate your facility. Our extensive line of products including waste & recycling solutions, outdoor seating, food service stations and decorative planter boxes enhance the guest experience. Prestwick offers stylish and functional furnishings alongside innovative solutions to help you craft memorable spaces. Our coordinated furnishings are designed to match any aesthetic, ensuring seamless integration and enhancing the overall ambiance of your environment.


Prestwick meticulously crafts trash cans and recycling bins to suit the unique requirements of your space. With customizable options such as sizes, colors, labels, and lid styles, our bins can be tailored precisely to your preferences, ensuring seamless integration into your environment. Whether you’re operating a theme park, zoo, museum our outdoor venue, our tailored solutions ensure seamless waste disposal while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your environment. With Prestwick, you can optimize efficiency, promote sustainability, and create a cleaner, more inviting atmosphere for your guests.

OUTDOOR SEATING – Commercial Benches and Picnic Tables

Prestwick builds Benches and Picnic tables to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and require minimal maintenance. Our full line HDPE Benches Picnic Tables are the perfect addition to parks, recreational areas, and attractions. Durable, weather-resistant, and environmentally conscious, these benches offer comfortable seating while contributing to a sustainable future.


Your entertainment venue isn’t complete without a place to stop and grab a bite to eat. Our premium line of outdoor dining furniture offered through Sister Bay Furniture is the perfect way to help guests relax and create memories. From high top tables to comfortable adirondacks, our furniture is durable, easy to clean and built for all weather conditions. Beyond seating, Prestwick also offers customizable portable bars, condiment stations and busser stations to streamline your food services. Designed with efficiency in mind, these products offer dedicated fixtures to engage guests, maintain organization, and inspire patrons to contribute to the cleanliness of your facility. They serve as proactive tools in fostering a tidy and inviting environment for all visitors.


Add a pop of nature to your entertainment space with Prestwick Planter Boxes. Engineered to combine durability with aesthetic appeal our HDPE planter boxes are ideal for dividing or defining spaces. Adding a touch of greenery, they enhance the ambiance of any environment while serving a practical purpose. Our customizable planter boxes can also be coordinated to match our other products, creating a unified look that extends your brand.

Elevate Your Entertainment Spaces with the perfect blend of sophistication, functionality, and style. Explore our diverse range of products to discover how we can enhance the appeal and functionality of your entertainment and attractions space. Contact us today for Commercial Furnishings for Entertainment Venues and let elevate your visitor experience to new heights.

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