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The Prestwick Group helps you elevate your commercial outdoor dining experience with exquisite commercial grade furniture and customizable furnishings.

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The Prestwick Group, through our Sister Bay Furniture division offers premium outdoor furniture including bar height tables and chairs, dining tables, casual seating and cozy adirondack chairs. Whether you’re creating an inviting al fresco dining space or a cozy outdoor lounge area, Sister Bay Furniture offers top-quality, customizable solutions that blend aesthetics with durability.

But we don’t stop at outdoor furniture. Complement your dining area with portable bars, welcome & hostess stations, busser stations and commercial waste and recycling bins. All outdoor dining products are fully customizable to match your aesthetic and sustainability goals. These commercial furnishings and bins not only serve a practical purpose but also contribute to the overall ambiance of your outdoor dining space.

Transform your outdoor dining area into a welcoming and functional oasis. Discover the perfect combination of style and substance with Sister Bay Furniture and explore additional solutions for your outdoor dining space with Prestwick. From practicality to aesthetics, we’ve got your commercial outdoor dining needs covered.

Marker 88 Outdoor Dining with Sister Bay Furniture

For a case study, visit the Marker 88 Project page to see how we’ve helped with their Commercial Outdoor Dining Furniture and Furnishings.

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