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Prestwick beautifully combines convenience and innovation in our Commercial Cooler Boxes. At Prestwick, we specialize in providing top-of-the-line hydration solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of golf courses, resorts, and premium guest spaces. Our products are carefully built to ensure optimal performance and satisfaction for our discerning clientele. Whether you’re outfitting the back nine, upgrading your pool space, or simply hosting an outdoor event at the club, our Cooler Boxes are the ultimate guest amenity. Designed to keep refreshments chilled and easily accessible, they enhance any gathering with convenience and style.


We engineer our Cooler Boxes with premium HDPE recycled lumber, ensuring durability in even the most extreme weather environments. Through precise manufacturing techniques, we guarantee not only resilience but also consistently cold beverages for your enjoyment. Featuring fully customizable designs and various sizes and capacities, our Cooler Boxes offer flexibility to suit your specific needs. Our custom products allow you to effortlessly select the perfect Cooler Box to accommodate your preferences and requirements.

At Prestwick, quality and sustainability are paramount, and our Cooler Boxes exemplify this commitment. We build every product superior materials and components that are designed to last and be eco-friendly. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your refreshments will be cold while making an investment in your businesses’ future.

Experience the epitome of cooling excellence with Commercial Cooler Boxes from Prestwick – where innovation meets reliability, ensuring that every guest interaction is refreshingly enjoyable. Explore our collection today and leave a lasting impression on customers and patrons.

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